The safe and reliable transmission of power depends on continuous coordination between different points in the network. From a simple telephone conversation between operators to the automated control and monitoring of remote equipment. A robust and dependable communications infrastructure is a prerequisite for efficient operation. Power network operators use a broad range of communication channels – including their own power lines i.e PLC System.

Today’s most commonly used Digital Power Line Carriers are ABB’s ETL600, SIEMENS PowerLink, and SELTA STED , are based on a powerful, flexible hardware platform as per IEC Standard IEC 62488 . This technology allows the configuration of a complex system “with a few mouse clicks”, and even to extend functionality in the future with the download of additional software modules .

Power Line Carrier

Power Line Carrier implements the concept of Modulation. High Frequency Signal Modulates Telecommunication Low amplitude Signal carrying Data, Voice or Tele Protection. Power Line Carrier Systems have long been used by electric power utilities.

The use of existing power lines, for communications is a meaningful choice. Power lines provide the most reliable direct link for implementation of Telecommunication Protection Schemes . This type of communication is reliable and is completely under the control of the power utility.

Use of existing power lines are an excellent communication medium. On the basis that it can bridge very long distances covering several hundreds of kilometers, without any repeater.

Components of Power Line Carrier

Construction of any Power Line Carrier differs on the basis of Modules (Cards). Where as working Principal of above mentioned PLCs is almost same. Following are the essential Modules / Cards of any PLC.

  1. Power Supply.
  2. Central Processing Unit.
  3. Communication Card.
  4. Interface Cards (Used for Data and Voice).
  5. Tele Protection Cards (Used to Implement Various Protection Schemes). This includes Distance protection schemes such as PUTT, POTT. And Breaker Failure. Classified as Permissive and Direct Transfer Trip commands.

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